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Québec Studio in Paris
(Paris, France)

Cité internationale des Arts

Relations internationales Québec

The Cité internationale des Arts in Paris
The Cité internationale des Arts in Paris

Artists and writers regard Paris as a centre of attraction confirmed by its age-old traditions. The artistic life of this major capital maintains unflagging strength, youthfulness and vitality. Since 1965, scores of Québec artists, musicians, singers, painters, filmmakers, playwrights and choreographers have taken advantage of the studio that Québec has opened there. The remarkable geographic location of the Cité internationale des Arts facilitates a broad range of contacts and makes readily access the cultural diversity of the French capital.

Artistic fields
Architectural research, arts and crafts, cinema and video, circus arts, dance, digital arts, literature and storytelling, multidisciplinary arts, music, popular song, theatre, visual arts

Target candidates

Artists with over 10 years of artistic practice.

Writers eligible for Mid-Career or Development grants.

The Fondation de la Cité internationale des Arts is part of the lengthy history of the intellectual relations that France has always maintained with the entire world. For nearly 40 years, it has welcomed on its magnificent site at the Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville artists from around the world who have come to seek inspiration and work in the City of Light.

The Cité internationale des Arts makes available to residents equipped group studios and rehearsal studios. It organizes exhibitions and concerts.

The apartment is roughly 20 m2 and is designed for working and living. It includes a bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a large room that serves as a living room and workshop. It is fully furnished but does not offer any specialized equipment.

Length of stay and amount of the grant
Six months, from January to June or from July to December 2017.

The amount of the grant is $20 000.

Registration deadline
April 1, 2016

Additional information
This studio has been made available through the collaboration of the Cité internationale des Arts, the Québec Government Office in Paris, the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie and the ministère de la Culture et des Communications.

Cité internationale des Arts :

Contact information for Québec government delegations, offices and field offices abroad is available on the Website of the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (

Québec artists who have resided since 2000 in the Québec Studio in Paris
Christiane Duchesne (2000 literature), Larry Tremblay (2000 theatre), Mario Côté (2001 visual arts), Pierre Samson (2001 literature), Christine Jensen (2002 music), Sylvie Laliberté (2002 media arts), Catherine Tardif (2003 dance), Marcel Marois (2003 visual arts), Martin Faucher (2004 theatre), Jean Royer (2004 literature), Karen Spencer (2005 visual arts), André Duchesne (2005 music), Sylvain Émard (2006 dance), Michel Donato (2006 music), Carl Trahan (2007 visual arts), Michel Lambert (2007 music), Yannick Rieu (2008 music), Karen Trask (2008 visual arts), Manuel Lau (2009 visual arts), Pierre Bertrand (2009 literature), Carmen Jolin (2010 theatre), Claudie Gagnon (2010 multidisciplinary arts), Bernard Falaise (2011 music), Michel Gauthier (2011 theatre)., Jocelyne Alloucherie (2012 visual arts), Alain Bédard (2012 music), Estelle Clareton (2013 dance) Marie-Renée Otis (2013 arts and crafts), Sylvain Côté (2014 music), Tricia Middleton (2014 visual arts), François Bourassa (2015 music), Cynthia Girard (2015 visual arts)

Interior of the studio-apartment. Photos: Alain Bédard


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