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Framework Policy for Mission Support

Adopted by the Board, April 4, 2016.

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The purpose of the Framework Policy for Mission Support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ – “the Council”) is to define the parameters governing how the Council notifies arts organizations about:

  • its concerns relating to the discharge of their mandate, their financial situation or their corporate viability;
  • the possibility that significant adjustments could be made to their mission support if steps are not taken to effectively address unsatisfactory situations.

This policy allows the CALQ Board to adjust the funding of a given organization out of a concern to equitably treat all the organizations that receive CALQ support.

The CALQ recognizes the importance of stable funding to arts organizations, but considers that they are responsible for competently managing their artistic and financial performance.

Which organizations this policy applies to

This framework policy only applies to arts organizations receiving mission support which are experiencing artistic, dissemination, management or governance difficulties.

Situations that could justify application of this policy and the issuance of a notice

Discharge of the organization’s mandate

  • Problems in fulfilling the organization’s mandate
  • Significant changes in the organization’s mandate
  • Major difficulties in implementing planned activities
  • Considerable reduction in attendance at activities
  • Reduction in member services

Organizational efficacy

  • Financial problems
  • Governance problems

Terms and conditions

The Framework Policy for Mission Support can be applied at the beginning of, or during, the mission support cycle.

At the beginning of a multi-year cycle:

The CALQ Board may reduce the grant previously awarded by at least 25 percent if:

  • the final peer-assessment is low or contains reservations concerning the beneficiary organization’s artistic, dissemination or development activities,
  • an examination of its organizational performance reveals major financial or governance problems

In response to each unsatisfactory situation, the CALQ, starting in 2017, may:

  • announce a complete reduction (100%) of the grant awarded during the previous cycle, i.e. a rejection of the application for mission support;
  • announce withdrawal of its support for more than a year, according to a Board-approved procedure;
  • send a written notice to the organization in question, spelling out the aspects to be corrected and clearly indicating the potential repercussions if the organization does not take appropriate steps to effectively address unsatisfactory situations.

During between-grant years:

In light of recommendations made following analysis of the final activity reports transmitted to the CALQ each year by organizations receiving mission support, the CALQ Board may decide to issue a notice to a given organization concerning the CALQ’s concerns and informing it about potential adjustments to the organization’s grant if necessary steps are not taken to effectively address the unsatisfactory situations identified.
The organization is then asked to contact the CALQ officer responsible for their file to explain all the steps taken that demonstrate that it has satisfactorily addressed the CALQ’s concerns.

Any failure to effectively address an unsatisfactory situation could result in the CALQ Board deciding to:

  • reduce the period of mission support and submit the organization to a new peer-assessment;
  • reduce the amount of mission support; or
  • withdraw the entire amount of mission support.