Declaration of services to the Public

March 2019

The Declaration of services to the public affords the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) an opportunity to reassert its commitment to provide quality services and information to professional artists, writers and non-profit arts organizations who endeavour to advance culture throughout Québec.

Created in 1994 under the Loi sur le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the CALQ is a government-owned corporation under the purview of the Minister of Culture and Communications (Québec) which fosters cultural development intended for the population of Québec.


To promote sustainable and equitable cultural development in all regions of Québec, the CALQ’s mission is to support artistic and literary creation, experimentation, production and dissemination in the disciplines of the visual arts, arts and crafts, literature and storytelling, performing arts, multidisciplinary arts, media arts and architectural research. The CALQ also promotes artists and writers and their works in Québec, Canada and abroad.


In accordance with its mission, the services offered by the CALQ are intended primarily for professional artists, writers and non-profit arts organizations in Québec engaged in the following artistic disciplines:

  • Performing arts
  • Media arts (digital arts, film and video)
  • Multidisciplinary arts
  • Visual arts
  • Literature and storytelling
  • Arts and crafts
  • Architectural research

The CALQ invites representatives from the arts and culture domains to participate on its board of directors and in the grant attribution process, welcoming allies in its concerted efforts to promote culture and confirming the CALQ’s pledge to offer services adapted to the needs of its clientele.


The CALQ provides financial support through various funding assistance programs adapted for each of the disciplines falling within its mission:

  • Grant programs for non-profit organizations
  • Grant programs for professional artists and writers

Recognition of professional artists and writers through the awarding of prizes.


The CALQ has established four types of commitments, namely:

Commitment 1 : Personalized services

A receptionist will answer your calls and welcome you to our offices with courtesy, respect and fair treatment. At the reception, at the counter, on the telephone or by email (, you will be directed to the person best equipped to provide you with clear, concise and timely information.

Indicator 1.1.
Response time for an email sent to

Target 1.1.1.
2 working days

Commitment 2 : Accessibility to our services

We provide reception and information services at our offices in Québec and Montréal, from Monday to Friday, except on holidays.

Office hours for the Québec office: from 9 AM to noon and from 1 PM to 5 PM

Office hours for the Montréal office: from 8:30 AM to noon and from 1 PM to 5 PM

A toll-free telephone line is also available to persons in other regions of Québec.

Indicator 2.1.
Percentage of complaints received regarding office hours or availability of services

Target 2.1.1.
Less than 5%

All our programs are available and up to date on our website. The majority of our programs are available at all times (with no application deadline); with the exception of the Mission support program and programs administered in collaboration with various partners (territorial programs, studios and studio-apartment residencies).

Indicator 2.2.
Time allocated to complete an application for programs with an application deadline

Target 2.2.1.
A minimum of one month

Online service delivery, through Mon dossier CALQ, is accessible to all professional artists and writers through the clicSÉQUR authentification service. Specifically, this allows for registered clients to track the progress of their grant application through each step of the process:

  • Application received
  • Being processed or ineligible
  • Accepted or rejected
  • Awaiting payment, payment being processed or full payment made
  • Awaiting your report
  • Report currently being examined
  • Report accepted or rejected
  • File closed

Indicator 2.3.
Number of artists or writers who have submitted an application online

Target 2.3.1.
At least 50% of the artist or writer applicants for the programs concerned

Commitment 3 : Equity and efficiency of the financial support attribution processes and results

In accordance with our mission, we are committed to responding flexibly and fairly to the wide range of needs associated with the creation, production and dissemination activities of all generations of creators throughout the territory served.

Indicator 3.1.
Conduct client satisfaction surveys

Target 3.1.1.
Once yearly

Our selection criteria and evaluation process are always clearly identified for each of our financial support programs. The juries and committees who participate in the evaluation process are composed of competent individuals selected under the framework of our
Policy governing juries, committees and assessors.

Indicator 3.2.
Number of complaints received related to the fairness and efficiency of the financial support attribution process

Target 3.2.1.
Less than 10 complaints per year

Applications for support submitted by clients under our programs available at any time are processed within a period of approximately three months.

Indicator 3.3.
Rate of respect of the response time for programs available at any time

Target 3.3.1.
Once yearly, on our website, upon publication of our annual management report, we disclose the outcome of financial support attributed by providing the names of the artists, writers and organizations that received support, along with their region, as well as the names of the members of the juries or committees who conducted the evaluations. However, the names of members of a jury or committee may be disclosed three months after completion of their evaluation process.

Indicator 3.4.
Publication of the names of artists, writers and organizations supported with the amounts received

Target 3.4.1.
Once yearly

Indicator 3.5.
Publication of jury and selection committee members

Target 3.5.1.
Once yearly

Indicator 3.6.
Publication of the distribution of grants and subsidies by administrative region

Target 3.6.1.
Once yearly

A Plan d’action pour la diversité culturelle (Action Plan for Cultural Diversity) has been adopted in order to increase the diversity of viewpoints and expertise available on the CALQ’s juries and assessment committees and promote equitable attribution of funding.

Indicator 3.7.
Proportion of assessors representative of culturally diverse communities

Target 3.7.1.
At least 13% yearly

Commitment 4 : Handling of complaints

We take comments and complaints from the public very seriously, knowing they can help us improve our services. If you believe that the service you received was inadequate, you can communicate this to the secretary of the CALQ ( who will undertake a confidential review of your complaint and reply to you with due diligence within 30 working days, in accordance with our Complaints Management Policy. If additional time is required, we will inform you of the reasons for this delay.

Indicator 4.1.
Response time

Target 4.1.1.
Less than 30 working days