Declaration of services to the Public

Updated April 1st 2021


With a view to equitable, sustainable artistic development, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) supports creation, experimentation, and production in the arts and literature in all regions of Québec and promotes dissemination in Québec, Canada, and abroad.

Clientele served

In accordance with its mission, the services offered by the CALQ are intended primarily for professional artists (including writers and architects), independent curators, non-profit arts organizations, professional artists associations, national groups and service organizations engaged in the following artistic disciplines:

  • performing arts (dance, theatre, music, popular song and circus arts);
  • media arts (digital arts, film and video);
  • multidisciplinary arts;
  • visual arts;
  • literature, comic books and storytelling;
  • arts and crafts;
  • architectural research.

The place given to representatives of cultural domains on its board of directors and as part of its grant award process, along with its concerted efforts with culture, demonstrate its commitment to offering services that reflect the clientele’s needs.

Quality of service commitment

The organization commits to ensuring:

  • respectful service;
  • reliable service;
  • prompt service;
  • confidentiality of personal information;
  • simple processes to obtain a service;
  • equitable treatment in service delivery;
  • access to services that reflect the needs of clienteles.

Commitment to the organization’s service standards

The CALQ provides financial support through various funding assistance programs adapted for each of the disciplines falling within its mission:

  • grant programs for non-profit organizations;
  • grant programs for professional artists;
  • recognition of excellence through awards and honours.

Service 1 : Personalized, accessible services

Indicator 1.1.
Respond to requests for information sent by email ( or by social media in a timely fashion.

Target 1.1.1.
Eight business days.

We provide reception and information services at our offices in Québec and Montréal, from Monday to Friday, except on holidays. Our business hours and contact information are at the end of this declaration.

A document chute is available for submitting documents to our two offices outside of business hours.

A toll-free phone line is available for citizens from every region of Québec: 1 800 608-3350.

A receptionist will answer your calls and welcome you to our offices with courtesy, respect and fair treatment. At the reception, at the counter, on the telephone, by email ( or via social media, you will be directed to the person best equipped to provide you with clear, concise and timely information. All information about our programs is available and up to date on our website, and we ensure that information is easy to find, simple, and understandable. Pursuant to the government policy L’accès aux documents et aux services offerts au public pour les personnes handicapées (access to public documents and services for people with a disability), the documents hosted on our website are available in alternate formats upon request.

Professionals are available to answer questions about submitting applications for financial support.

Electronic service delivery enables clienteles to track their files online.

Service 2 : Personalized, accessible services

Indicator 2.1.
Offer information sessions about our programs to associations and groups.

Target 2.1.1.
Six presentations made by program officers every year.

Service 3 : Personalized, accessible services

Indicator 3.1.
Measure clientele expectations and satisfaction with CALQ programs, taking into account satisfaction rates among organizations with the response time for grant applications.

Target 3.1.1.
Satisfaction rate of 80%.
(Most recent data: 79.9%)

Service 4 : Personalized, accessible services

Indicator 4.1.
Offer efficient electronic service delivery that satisfies users of Mon Dossier CALQ.

Target 4.1.1.
Overall satisfaction of 4 on a scale of 5.

A form of electronic service delivery, Mon dossier CALQ is available through the clicSÉQUR authentication service to professional artists and writers and to organizations. It enables registered clients to track in real time the progress of their application for support through every step of the process:

  • application received;
  • processing under way or ineligible;
  • accepted or rejected;
  • awaiting payment, payment being processed or payment made in full;
  • awaiting report;
  • report being analyzed;
  • report accepted or rejected;
  • file closed.

Service 5 : Efficiency of financial aid programs

Indicator 5.1.
Measure clientele expectations and satisfaction with CALQ programs, taking into account the satisfaction among organizations about accessibility and clarity of information about the program.

Target 5.1.1.
Satisfaction rate of 90 %.
(Most recent data: 98.5%)

The CALQ commits to ensuring program objectives are clear and relevant to serve the development of arts and literature in Québec and to meet the needs of its clienteles as fully as possible. To avoid needlessly increasing the burden on applicants and to simplify the process, the CALQ limits the information requested on forms and reporting requirements to that which is strictly necessary. As such, it is streamlining procedures. The CALQ offers clienteles a reasonable timeframe between the time a program is posted online and the application deadline and quickly confirms to the applicant whether they are eligible.

Service 6 : Efficiency of financial aid programs

Indicator 6.1.
Measure clientele expectations and satisfaction with CALQ programs, taking into account the satisfaction among organizations about the clarity and relevance of program objectives.

Target 6.1.1.
Satisfaction rate of 90 %.
(Most recent data: 98.5%)

Service 7 : Efficiency of financial aid programs

Indicator 7.1.
Measure clientele expectations and satisfaction with CALQ programs, taking into account how the program meets the artists’ and organizations’ expectations.

Target 7.1.1.
A satisfaction level of 90% (including “satisfied” and “very satisfied” ratings for artists and organizations supported in their activities).
(Most recent data: 92.3% for organizations, 93.3% for artists)

Service 8 : Inclusion

Indicator 8.1.
For the composition of committees and juries:
– Maintain parity between men and women and the representation of culturally diverse and Indigenous people;
– Ensure better representation of anglophones and people with disabilities.

Target 8.1.1.
– A parity zone for women and men;
– At least 14% culturally diverse people and 2% from First Nations;
– At least 5% anglophones and 3 people with disabilities.

2016 census: 7% anglophone, 2% from First Nations and 13.7% immigrants.
(Most recent data: 50.7% of jury members are women, 3.6% are anglophone, 7.2% are Indigenous people and 17.8% are culturally diverse.)

Our selection criteria and evaluation process are always clearly identified for each of our financial support programs. The juries and committees who participate in the evaluation process are composed of competent individuals selected under the framework of our Policy governing juries, committees and assessors.

For the results of evaluations to reflect diverse points of view, the CALQ is relying on diversification in the makeup of its committees and juries by ensuring the presence of people from target groups. Evaluation bodies are made up of peers from the artistic community.

CALQ ensures equity in its awards to the regions of Québec and the composition of its population. It pays particular attention to certain target groups. Statistical information about these elements appears in its Annual Management Report.

Service 9 : Diligent handling of complaints

Indicator 9.1.
Diligently handle official complaints submitted to the CALQ secretariat in a reasonable timeframe.

Target 9.1.1.
Within 30 business days.

Responsibilities, recourse and complaints

We consider comments and complaints from the public important, because they can help improve our services.

If you believe we have fallen short on one of our commitments, you can express your dissatisfaction to the department in question and ask that it provide oral or written explanations about the situation that concerns you.

If you believe that the service you have received is still not satisfactory, you can communicate this to the secretary of the CALQ ( who will undertake a confidential review of your complaint and reply to you with due diligence within 30 working days, in accordance with our Complaints Management Policy. If additional time is required, we will inform you of the reasons for this delay.

To help us process your complaint and deliver the service to which you are entitled, we count on your cooperation to:

  • clearly indicate your problem and expectations;
  • provide us with the information and documents requested, within the timeframe provided;
  • provide duly completed documents;
  • promptly report any change that could influence the processing of your case, as well as any change to your personal contact information;
  • address yourself respectfully to our employees in all communications;
  • share with us your comments and suggestions to help us improve our services.

Contact information and business hours

We provide reception and information services at our offices in Québec and Montréal, from Monday to Friday, except on holidays.

Québec office (head)
Opening hours
8:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:30
Address:830, rue Saint-Joseph Est, suite 301
Québec (Québec) G1K 3C9
Telephone: 418 643-1707
Toll free: 1 800 608-3350


Montréal office

Opening hours
8:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00
1435, rue De Bleury
Bureau 300
Montréal (Québec)
H3A 2H7
Telephone: 514 864-3350
Toll-free: 1 800 608-3350
Fax: 514 864-4161

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

This document is available in alternate formats upon request.