12 July 2018 Grants for artists: cap on living expenses is eliminated
The Conseil has eliminated the cap on living expenses (formerly $1,700 per month) for professional artists and writers and replaced it with the “Applicant’s remuneration” budget item. In so doing, the Conseil has reiterated its commitment to improving artists’ socio-economic conditions, one of the central objectives of the Québec government’s new cultural policy.

Removing the cap on living expenses is one way of recognizing artists’ work and boosting their income so they can focus on their art while completing their projects.

This decision applies to all programs under which living expenses are eligible expenses and for which applications may be submitted at any time. For further information, please refer to the “Eligibility” section under “Eligible expenses”.



This article is in the newsletter À L’OEUVRE – July 2018 [in French only].

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