Do you represent an organization? This program is for you if:

  • You are a legally constituted non-profit organization headquartered in Québec.
  • A majority of your Board members are Inuit or First Nations people belonging to one of Canada’s First Nations and who are Canadian citizens who usually reside in Québec.
  • You offer services or present professional artistic activities.

First Nations organizations may apply for financial aid under 2 different program components:

1. Revitalization, creation and transmission

This component supports projects undertaken by First Nations artistic and organizations involving the dissemination, circulation and promotion of First Nations works and artists inside as well as outside Québec.

Examples of activities that may be eligible for support:
creation, production or remounts of performance, shows or events; activities involving promotion, circulation, recording or dissemination; hosting artists or apprentices in residence; artistic transmission; support services to artists, etc.

See program (French only) Valerie O’Leary and students Amber Lewis, Kyle Jackson, Hawk Bison and Moirah Shawana.
Photo: Mathieu Buzzetti-Melançon

2. Development of organizational capabilities

This component supports various initiatives, including the development and strengthening of First Nations artistic organizations.

Examples of activities that may be eligible for support:
organizational consolidation and developement, staff hiring and training, audience development, national/international development, fundraising, etc.

See program (French only) Sam Ojeda in Ioskeha et Tawiscara:  Le grand Jeu de la création. Festival Présence Autochtone.
Photo: Mario Faubert