Grant program for artists

A redesigned grant program

Beginning February 20, 2020, the CALQ offers a redesigned grant program for artists to better contribute to career development in the arts. Changes include more flexible eligibility conditions, the expansion of the types of activities supported, and the adjustment of maximum amounts.

Artists today play many roles in their projects; they are researchers and creators, but may also act as producers or managers. The CALQ wishes to recognize the needs related to these multiple skills and contribute to improving the financial situation of artists.

Structured into nine sections, our new grant program offers financial support for a wide range of activities in all disciplines, regardless of the artist’s experience. Our goal is to better meet the needs of artists and improve conditions surrounding their practice.

  1. Research and Exploration

    Aims to financially support the risk inherent in the research process to promote innovation in art and the exploration of new avenues that contribute to the development of disciplines. Can also support stages of research and experimentation prior to the creation of a work, an exhibition, or a publication.

  2. Creation

    Aims to financially support the creation of new works, to foster the development of the practice of artists and independent curators, and to encourage a diversity of practices and the renewal of creation.

  3. Public presentation

    Aims to financially support the public presentation of works, shows or exhibitions, to encourage the dissemination of Québec works, and to facilitate public access to those works in all regions of Québec and abroad.

  4. Travel

    Aims to support outreach and the participation of artists and curators across Québec and internationally in activities that promote their career development.

  5. Circulation of Works Within Québec

    Aims to generate exposure for the work of artists and curators within Québec, to extend the lifespan of the works, to grow audiences, and to facilitate encounters between the public and the works.

  6. Circulation of Works Outside Québec

    Aims to provide exposure for the work of artists and curators outside Québec, to promote their work, and to extend the lifespan of their works.

  7. Professional Development

    Aims to help artists and curators participate in professional development to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to advance in their careers. Professional development may also include career management activities.

  8. Publication and Critical Documentation

    Aims to support the advancement of knowledge in different artistic practices and make the public aware of the work of Québec artists and curators.

  9. Strategic Opportunities and Career Plan

    Aims to support a project or set of projects, in the short or long term, to enable artists and curators to seize decisive opportunities for their career development and planning and for the exploitation of their work.

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