Prix du CALQ – Oeuvre de l’année en Estrie

Application deadline: 24 August 2018

This prize, accompanied by a cash award of $5,000, will be awarded to an artist, writer or collective in the Eastern Townships for an original work of art recently presented to the public.
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      • Prix du CALQ – Oeuvre de l’année en Estrie
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  • Introduction

    Since implementing its Prize and Public Recognition Policy in 1998, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) has awarded a Prize for Regional Artistic Creation. This award is part of the CALQ’s efforts to promote the recognition of creators in their community and help improve their conditions of practice across Québec.

    The process for awarding the prix du CALQ – Oeuvre de l’année en Estrie is jointly managed by the CALQ and the Conseil de la culture de l’Estrie, promoter of the call for submissions and the recognition of the winner at an event that reflects the regional dynamic.

    The prix du CALQ – Oeuvre de l’année en Estrie is accompanied by a cash prize of $5,000 and is awarded to an artist, writer or collective of artists or writers from the region for an original piece presented publicly for the first time between August 25, 2016 and August 24, 2018.


    The main objectives of the CALQ Prize – Work of Art of the Year are to:

    • recognize the excellence of the artistic creation;
    • promote the recognition of professional artists and writers in their community;
    • offer their career meaningful support;
    • help promote artists and writers;
    • make the public aware of the work that receives the prize.

    Candidate pool

    This prize is for professional artists and writers and collectives of professional artists and writers.


    The prize is accompanied by a cash award of $5,000.

  • Eligibility

    General conditions

    As part of the prix du CALQ – Oeuvre de l’année, the term “artists” also refers to writers, storytellers, crafts people and architecture professionals.

    Professional artists and writers as well as collectives of professional artists and writers in the following disciplines are eligible for the prix du CALQ – Oeuvre de l’année: circus arts, digital arts, visual arts, multidisciplinary arts, song, film and video, dance, literature, storytelling, arts and crafts, music, theatre and architectural research.


    Artists who present an application must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents according to the meaning in paragraph 2 (1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; in either case, they must have resided in the Eastern Townships for at least one year.

    Professional artists are defined as follows:

    • they declare themselves professional artists;
    • they create works of art or practice an art independently or offer their services, for compensation, as a creator or performer, within the disciplines under the CALQ’s purview;
    • they have the recognition of their peers;
    • they publicly disseminate or perform pieces in locations or in contexts recognized by their peers.

    In addition, except for writers and storytellers, artists must:

    • have participated in at least one production outside of or after their training, in a context recognized by their peers.

    Writers must:

    • have published at least one book or disseminated a minimum of three texts in a literary genre eligible for a CALQ grant, i.e., a work of fiction or piece of non-fiction about art or literature. Publications in electronic format and self-published works are eligible.

    Storytellers must:

    • have participated as a storyteller in at least three events recognized by their peers.


    A collective refers to a group of artists regardless of their number. Each member must be a professional artist as defined above and meet these conditions of eligibility.
    One member must represent the group as coordinator. Permanent collectives must always be represented by the same coordinator, barring exceptional circumstances.
    In the case of architecture, a collective is not a professional firm, but rather an ad hoc group of professionals brought together for a particular project.
    Specific conditions

    To be eligible for the CALQ Prize – Work of Art of the Year, artists or collectives must:

    • submit their application or accept their nomination by a third party;
    • have produced or created a work of art or an exhibition* and have presented it publicly for the first time in a context recognized by their peers between August 25, 2016 and August 24, 2018;
    • have their primary residence in the Eastern Townships for at least the past year;
    • actively exercise an artistic practice in their region.

    *In the case of an exhibition, all works featured in it must be presented for the first time within the eligibility dates.

    Ineligible candidates

    The following are not eligible for this prize:

    • groups legally constituted as a corporation or a commercial or non-profit partnership;
    • members of the CALQ’s board of directors;
    • staff members of the Conseil de la culture de l’Estrie, the CALQ, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, de la Société de développement des entreprises culturelles and any organization associated with awarding this prize, as well as anyone who has a business relationship with one of these organizations.


  • Criteria and evaluation


    1. The artistic quality of the art work: 65%

    • Artistic quality of the art work (30%)
    • Significance and relevance of the art work (20%)
    • Innovative aspect of the art work (15%)

    2. Impact of the art work: 35%

    • Contribution of the art work to the development of the discipline (10%)
    • Scope of the dissemination of the art work (10%)
    • Influence of the art work and benefits for the region (15%)


    The members of the selection committee are subject to the CALQ’s code of ethics. They must act in good faith in performing their duties and refrain from taking part in any discussion about an application that could place them in a conflict of interest. Furthermore, they may not use for their own purposes any confidential or privileged information provided.

  • Submission of applications

    Deadline for submission

    August 24, 2018

    The CALQ shall consider the postmark as the submission date for applications.
    Incomplete applications and those sent after the deadline are not eligible.


    Artists or writers or collectives of artists or writers who would like to apply for the CALQ Prize – Eastern Townships Work of Art of the Year must submit a complete application that includes all documents required.


    Download the application form:


    Only the original of the duly signed form is valid. Faxed and emailed applications are not accepted.

    The CALQ acknowledges receipt to candidates by email. If applications are submitted at CALQ offices, a dated acknowledgement of receipt will be issued.

    Contents of the file

    One copy of application documents must be submitted in 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm (8½ in x 11 in) format. Documents should not be stapled, bound or printed two sided, for ease of photocopying.

    All documents must be identified with the candidate’s name.
    The application contents are indicated on the submission form.
    Subject to the provisions of an Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information, the CALQ respects the confidentiality of documents and information in its possession as well as documents or information sent to it.

    Recommendations about media

    Supporting materials must be submitted on a medium (CD or DVD) that can be read in a Windows environment using one of the following software or plug-ins:

    • Internet Explorer version 10 or earlier
    • QuickTime version 7.7 or earlier: Macintosh standard video and audio format (.mov). Do not use HD video format.
    • Shockwave Player version 11.6 or earlier
    • Windows Media Player version 12 or earlier
    • Flash Player version 13.0 or earlier
    • Acrobat Reader version 11 or earlier
    • VLC Media Player

    Audio and video files

    For video, recommended formats are MPEG 1 to 4, MOV and AVI
    For audio, MP3 and M4A formats

    Note: Candidates are responsible for ensuring all documents arrive intact and in one of the appropriate formats.
    If supporting documents to the application cannot be presented on one of the above computer media, candidates should contact Julie Labonté at 418-528-2886 or toll free at 1 800 608-3350

    Submission address
    Applications or requests for information should be sent to the attention of:

    Julie Labonté
    Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
    79 boulevard René-Lévesque Est
    3rd floor
    Québec City, Québec
    G1R 5N5

  • Conditions and award

    Award procedure

    For the CALQ Prize – Eastern Townships Work of Art of the Year:

    •  the CALQ will award only one prize annually;
    • the financial award accompanying this prize cannot be divided and must be paid in whole to an artist, writer or members of a collective of artists or writers, and rewards a single work of art or exhibition;

    the prize will be awarded during a ceremony organized by the Conseil de la culture de l’Estrie (date to be determined)


    For further information or for assistance in preparing an application, please contact:
    Guillaume Houle
    Conseil de la culture de l’Estrie
    819 563-2744 ext. 223