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A circus troupe holding hands on stage performs an onstage salute. The performers are smiling and proud.
The 7 Fingers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. © Zemi Photography

Since its creation, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) has been playing a leading role in projecting Québec’s artistic excellence beyond our borders.

Beyond pride and visibility, the success of Quebec artists abroad has an important economic dimension and delivers tangible benefits. As ambassadors of artistic excellence, Québec creators carry in their wake other Québec talent from different generations onto international circuits and increase opportunities for presenting Québec-made artistic and literary works.

Whether through its funding programs or its network of studio-apartments, or as part of cultural missions conducted by its team with international partners, the CALQ works to facilitate the positioning and presence of Québec creations on foreign stages, across artistic disciplines.

The team is working to ensure artistic expertise is recognized on the international stage and to develop innovative ways to offer new audiences ongoing access to Québec works around the world. The CALQ also supports artists and organizations during biennales, arts fairs, and festivals to foster the development of new markets, roll out tours, and reinforce international careers.

Residencies around the world

Since 1994, the CALQ has been managing a vast network of Studios du Québec, exchanges, and studio-apartments on four continents.

From New York to Taiwan, Buenos Aires, Paris, Rome, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and Guadeloupe, this network offers creators across all disciplines some 40 opportunities for enriching stays for their artistic and professional efforts. This residency program is for artists and writers seeking fresh ideas and exploration, who want to immerse themselves in another culture or have access to internationally renowned residency sites to conduct research and explore new avenues for creation. 

Grants for a residency support artistic research and development and an artist’s networking activities while abroad. Calls for applications for residencies are disseminated throughout the year.

Some residencies are for artists at the beginning or middle of their career. Studios du Québec are available only to artists with over 10 years of practice and offer long-term stays. While most CALQ residencies are open to all disciplines, over the years specialized residencies have also been created to meet the needs of a particular clientele.

As one approach the CALQ uses to encourage the presence of Québec artists and have their works travel internationally, the network of studio-apartments has increased the number of exchanges with other countries and participated in the career development of many artists from around the world.

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Wings to fly

Artists and companies filling rooms at prestigious festivals, earning renown with a literary prize, taking home honours in a competition, or touring on a new continent have become more commonplace in recent years.

And for good reason: many talented Québecers are making their mark on the international scene. To ensure their continued presence, the CALQ offers different types of funding to meet the needs of artists, writers, and organizations. Our grants facilitate participation in conferences or training, travel to festivals, and the development of new markets.

The CALQ’s international efforts

Keen to support a diversity of practices in an ever-changing world, in 2017 the CALQ adopted an Action Plan Intervention Framework.

The CALQ pursues four major areas of intervention to ensure the ongoing presentation and visibility of the arts internationally:

  1. Supporting the international mobility of artists and writers;
  2. Increasing the circulation of works and organizations;
  3. Fostering development through artist hosting;
  4. Encouraging structuring initiatives.

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Commission internationale du théâtre francophone (CITF)

The CALQ is also an engaged actor in the Commission internationale du théâtre francophone (CITF).

Since its creation in 1987, the CITF has supported multilateral projects in theatre creation and presentation that involve at least two continents and three countries. It meets once a year, often as part of a festival or other francophone theatre initiative.

To date, several hundred projects have been supported, giving artists the opportunity to meet on the ground of theatre creation and production, to compare and enrich their artistic process, to explore other francophone cultures, and to attract new audiences.

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