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Call for proposals - Creation of Songs for Passe-Partout

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[Translate to English:] Appel de propositions - Création des chansons pour Passe-Partout
[Translate to English:] Appel de propositions - Création des chansons pour Passe-Partout

The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Télé-Québec are issuing a call for proposals by singer-songwriters to create original songs for season 4 of the Passe-Partout series.

Passe-Partout is one of Québec's most beloved children's programs. Not only was it a favourite for an entire generation in the 1980s, but in its new incarnation it continues to hold a place in children’s hearts. Forty years later, it continues to create memories that will last a lifetime, thanks in large part to its music. Télé-Québec is pleased to partner with the CALQ in inviting Québec artists to create new songs that will surely become part of our collective memory.”

- Marie Collin, présidente-directrice générale, Télé-Québec.

“The CALQ is very pleased to join Télé‑Québec in launching this call for proposals. Québec has a vast pool of highly talented singer‑songwriters, and we are very proud of them. I know the selected artists will write a new musical chapter that will expand the world of Passe‑Partout and nourish the imaginations of a generation of Québec children.”

- Anne‑Marie Jean, présidente-directrice générale, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

The call for proposals

This call for proposals from professional artists is for the creation of 15 new songs for season 4 of Passe-Partout, which is scheduled to air between September 2021 and the spring of 2022.

The 15 songs selected will be included on a music album produced by Télé-Québec. Every song will have two versions, one sung by the show’s characters (both human and puppet), while the second may be sung by the composer and/or lyricist.

Projects will be evaluated on their merits by a jury of peers and a creation grant will be awarded to each selected artist. The CALQ invites interested artists to submit their applications by January 20, 2021.

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For any questions about this call for proposals, applicants may contact :

Maryse Boulianne

Program Officer

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec or by phone 1-800 608-3350

The music of Passe‑Partout

Since the return of Passe‑Partout This link will open in a new window, viewers have been transported into the musical universe of Pierre F. Brault's compositions, which have been skilfully and respectfully revised and updated. Brault’s bursts of tenderness have been carefully adapted to a lively and contemporary sound palette by John von Aichinger, accompanied by frequent collaborators Sari Dajani and Rudy Toussaint from Dazmo Music. These adaptations have been enriched by sixty‑five new musical pieces, including four new songs that could be enjoyed in the first three seasons of Passe‑Partout. Von Aichinger, Dajani and Toussaint will continue producing the music for the new season, including the new creations.

Children’s programming on Télé‑Québec

Télé‑Québec is Québec's educational and cultural public television network. Children’s programming is a priority for Télé‑Québec: high-quality local and international children’s shows make up more than 42% of its schedule. The response from young audiences has been enthusiastic: Télé‑Québec is the number‑one choice of children.

With its innovative programming and growing line-up of programs dedicated to parents, Télé‑Québec is deepening its commitment to families. The Les familles télé‑québécoises This link will open in a new window Facebook group has a wealth of relevant information, and the Coucou This link will open in a new window app offers many games, programs and supplementary features for the very young.

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About the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) invests in the imagination and celebrates the successes of those who create memorable works, shape Québec’s cultural identity, and make it shine. With a view to equitable, sustainable artistic development, the CALQ supports creation, experimentation, and production in the arts and literature in all regions of Québec and promotes dissemination in Québec, Canada, and abroad.

Every year, the CALQ financially supports some 1200 artists and 800 non‑profit arts organizations, contributing to the expression of a vibrant culture accessible across Québec. It encourages landmark artistic and literary works that generate pride among citizens, nourish our culture, and above all, create a timeless imprint.



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