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New supplementary assistance for disabled artists and writers

As pledged in its 2017-2018 action plan for disabled persons, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) now offers financial assistance to disabled artists and writers with a view to ensuring service accessibility.

Assistance for whom and for what?

This assistance is designed to cover a portion of project expenses stemming from supplementary needs specifically relating to disabilities of grant recipients or any of their collaborators. Such expenses may include additional costs incurred for hiring or transporting support personnel (e.g. travel companions or workshop assistants), renting adapted equipment or using transcription services.

Application procedure

This new category of assistance will apply to all programs geared towards artists and writers, including programs falling within territorial agreements. Information on supplementary assistance may be found under the "Maximum Amount" heading of the various programs. To apply, simply complete the appropriate section of the form.


To maintain the confidentiality of personal information, applications for supplementary assistance will be only handled internally. Any related information will be deleted from documentation provided to juries or evaluators. Precautions will also be taken to ensure that no aid recipients who declare a disability are identified when lists of grants awarded are made public.

This article appears in French in the March 2018 issue of newsletter À L'ŒUVRE This link will open in a new window.

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