Glossary and references

Definition of artistic disciplines supported by the CALQ

Architectural research

Architectural research includes practices, discourse and works intended to renew artistic language in the realms of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and environmental design.

Arts and crafts

The following are considered to be in the field of arts and crafts: “the production of original works which are unique or in multiple copies, intended for a utilitarian, decorative or expressive purpose and conveyed by the practice of a craft related to the working of wood, leather, textiles, metals, silicates or any other material”.
(From the Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, arts and crafts and literature, and their contracts with promoters).

Circus Arts

The circus arts are understood to encompass forms of expression in which the mastery of one or more circus techniques is essential. The circus techniques eligible for this grant program are those widely recognized by professional circus arts schools.


Dance encompasses a plurality of forms and styles and recognizes the diversity of cultures and traditions.

Digital Arts

The digital arts are defined as an array of explorations and artistic practices whose processes and works rely mainly on the digital technologies for creation and dissemination. The digital arts incorporate practices involving the use of communications and information technologies, including computer, electronic, digital, sound, interactive and Web technologies, and also include the audio arts.

Film and video

The discipline of film and video art includes independent productions of fiction and documentary, experimental works and video installations.

Independent production in film and video implies that the creator has full control of the content and production of the work and all other aspects of production and presentation. He holds all reproduction and public exhibition rights for his work and can, by granting a license, extend such rights to a producer or an independent distributor.

Literature and Storytelling

This discipline includes written literature, storytelling and literary spoken word.

Written literature
Literary fiction encompasses the novel, poetry, short stories, tales, narrative, youth literature and hypermedia literary works.
Essays focus solely on the comprehension and exploration of artistic and literary life.

Storytelling show
This practice refers to shows based on stories or tales drawn from the oral or written tradition or new creations. The storytelling show usually relies on simple means in which the spoken word predominates. It is noteworthy in that the oral recitation or narration is detached from the writing process and sustained by the proximity of the listener such that the story is reinvented every time it is told.

Spoken word in the literary domain
Spoken word revisits the rhythm and sound of words, using the written word as the point of departure. Interaction with the audience has an impact on the spoken word performance and sometimes the text. Spoken word literary forms include literary shows, literary performance, slam, poetry performances, sound poetry, performance poetry, etc.

Multidisciplinary Arts

The multidisciplinary arts encompass forms of expression that make use of an array of disciplinary languages, knowledge and techniques. The resulting works can be associated with the performing arts, socially-engaged art, collaborations between science and art, environmental art, urban art, and art in relation to new technologies and can suggest different audience relationships, e.g. presentation in unconventional spaces, a walking trail or a participatory public.


This discipline includes classical and non-classical music.

Classical music
Classical music includes contemporary music, electroacoustic music and lyric art.

Non-classical music
Non-classical music refers to jazz, contemporary music (musique actuelle), traditional music, instrumental music and world music.

Popular song

Popular song combines lyrics and music. The discipline includes Francophone and non-Francophone song, in any genre, as well as musicals or any other related form of artistic expression.


In this context, theatre includes theatre for adults, children’s and youth theatre and puppet theatre or any other related form of artistic expression.

Visual Arts

The visual arts encompass painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, drawing, illustration, mixed techniques, installations, comic strips, performance, textile arts or any other form of related expression.