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To First Nations artists and writers

Les artistes Nadia Myre (Algonquine) et Lydia Mestokosho-Paradis (Innue) et leurs oeuvres
Aboriginal artists Nadia Myre and Lydia Mestokosho-Paradis and theirs works
© Nadia Myre / Art Mûr / Lydia Mestokosho-Paradis / Musée de la civilisation

In the interest of fair treatment for all its constituents, the CALQ will work closely with representatives of Canada’s First Nations and Inuit communities to create a grant program specifically adapted for their situation and needs.

Pending implementation of this program, First Nations artists are invited to apply for the programs currently in effect, which are subject to certain clarifications:

  1. Eligibility of First Nations artists and writers is explicitly mentioned in the program introduction, as per “Target applicants”: Moreover, eligibility for this financial support is understood to apply to artists from Canada’s First Nations and Inuit communities who meet the program’s definition of a First Nations artist.
  2. The First Nations artist definition now appears in the “Eligibility/Profile” section: Artists from Canada’s First Nations and Inuit communities are eligible. These artists must be engaged in an ongoing basis in their artistic activity and receive the recognition of their community or on their territory as artists in their artistic domain, whether traditional or contemporary. For the purposes of this program, the term “artists” also refers to writers, storytellers and craftspersons.
  3. Applications submitted by First Nations artists will be evaluated by their peers. For evaluation by First Nations peers, the applicant must identify with a corresponding Ethnocultural group in the Statistics section of the online or paper application form. For details, refer to the “Evaluation of applications/Process” section.

Except for rare exceptions (principally for Studios and studio-apartment residencies), applications may be submitted at any time.

We look forward to receiving your projects!

Thank you for sharing this information with anyone who may be interested.

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