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Twenty cultural ambassadors from Québec will be honoured with the Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec in 2018

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Voici les 20 personnalités qui recevront l’Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec cette année!
Voici les 20 personnalités qui recevront l’Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec cette année!

Québec City, May 1, 2018 – Twenty outstanding cultural ambassadors from Québec will be appointed to the Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec (OALQ) at a special awards ceremony to be held on May 28 at Espace Danse in the Wilder Building in Montréal. During the ceremony, artists, writers, cultural managers and patrons of the arts Josephine Bacon, Manon Barbeau, Victor-Lévy Beaulieu, Nicole Brossard, Fernand Dansereau, Angèle Dubeau, André Gagnon, Mattiusi Iyaituk, Roland Lepage, André Ménard, Ginette Noiseux, Jeannot Painchaud, Constance Pathy, John R. Porter, Jeanne Renaud, Alain Simard, Yves Sioui Durand, Jana Sterbak, Armand Vaillancourt and Jean-Marc Vallée will receive the title of Compagne/Compagnon des arts et des lettres du Québec.

This prestigious honour will be presented by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) in recognition of these individuals' remarkable contributions to the development and promotion of Québec arts and literature.

"Québec's culture is growing and flourishing thanks to the talent, commitment and dedication of its creators and its artistic patrons. Each of these luminaries has helped to foster Québec's reputation for excellence, which is a source of great pride for all Québecers," said Anne-Marie Jean, CALQ president and executive director.


Instituted in 2015 to mark CALQ's 20th anniversary, the OALQ is an honorary distinction This link will open in a new window presented to individuals whose exemplary achievements have contributed to Québec's artistic and literary development. The recipients are recommended to CALQ's board of directors by an independent committee following an annual call for nominations. The distinction is symbolized by an insignia designed by jewellery artist Christine Dwane. To date, 70 Québecers have been awarded the insignia.

The Conseil de l’Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec

The Compagnes/Compagnons are selected by the Conseil de l’Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec, which then evaluates the candidates and determines the final recipients. This year, the jury was made up of Liza Frulla, René Homier-Roy, Maxime Codère, Marième Ndiaye, Kevin McCoy and Hannah Claus.

About the Caisse de la Culture

Founded in 1994, the Caisse de la Culture assists artists, craftspeople, creators, organizations and cultural enterprises in developing their talents and achieving their aspirations. A financial cooperative with solid community roots, the Caisse helps freelance workers to carry out personal and professional projects, offers companies and organizations financial services tailored to their specific realities and takes part in socio-economic community development by supporting a variety of initiatives and projects.

About Le Devoir

Le Devoir was founded on January 10, 1910 by the journalist and politician Henri Bourassa. Published daily, the paper is proudly independent and aims to stir public debate. Le Devoir has delivered high-quality reporting for nearly 100 years.

About the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Working from a perspective of equitable and sustainable artistic development, CALQ supports artistic and literary creation, experimentation and production in all regions of Québec. It also facilitates the dissemination and promotion of artistic and literary works in Québec, the rest of Canada and around the world.

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List of recipients and short biographies

Joséphine Bacon This link will open in a new window | Literature

Poet, documentary filmmaker, lyricist and Innu translator, Josephine Bacon writes in both French and Innu-Aimun. Her wide-ranging works resonate with the echoes of the elders whose paths have crossed with hers: Un thé dans la toundra/Nipishapui nete mushuat, Nous sommes tous des sauvages, Bâtons à message/Tshissinuashitakana. She is regularly invited to take part in poetry events around the world and collaborates with numerous local and international journals.

Manon Barbeau This link will open in a new window | Cinema

Having authored hundreds of screenplays and made dozens of award-winning documentaries (including Les enfants de Refus Global and Un cri au bonheur), Manon Barbeau has an outstanding cinematographic track record, in addition to an equally impressive record of social commitment. She also co-founded Wapikoni Mobile, a film and musical studio geared towards First Nations youth that works with UNESCO in an advisory capacity.

Victor-Lévy Beaulieu This link will open in a new window | Literature, theatre and television

Novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, polemicist and publisher known for his commitment and extensive writings in various genres, Victor-Lévy Beaulieu has also worked in radio and television, including the series Race de monde, L'Héritage and Montréal P.Q. He received the Athanase-David award in 2001 and the Gilles Corbeil award in 2011 for his achievements.

Nicole Brossard This link will open in a new window| Literature

Poet, novelist, playwright, co-founder of the journal La Barre du jour and feminist/LGBT activist, Nicole Brossard has had a major impact on Québec's avant-garde poetry movement. Combining modernism and activism, her works have been honoured with two Governor General's awards, the Grand Prix du Festival International de la Poésie in 1989 and the Athanase-David award in 1991, among other prizes.

Fernand Dansereau This link will open in a new window | Cinema and television

Screenwriter, film editor, photography director, filmmaker and producer, Fernand Dansereau has had a hand in nearly every aspect of cinema, primarily at the National Film Board, where he put together the French-language team. A revolutionary documentary filmmaker and social-change cinema pioneer, he has contributed to the advent and development of direct cinema. His writing for television includes Le parc des Braves, Les Filles de Caleb and a number of scripts for Caserne 24. He received the Albert Tessier award for his career achievements.

Angèle Dubeau This link will open in a new window, O.C., C.Q., D.F.A.| Music

Thanks to her fiery talent and virtuosity, Angèle Dubeau has taken on the daunting challenge of popularizing classical music and bringing it to a broader audience. This outstanding performer, violinist and orchestra leader has influenced an entire generation of musicians. In 1997, she founded La Pietà. She has also sold more recordings than any other female classical musician in Canada.

André Gagnon This link will open in a new window | Music

Piano prodigy, prolific composer, conductor and arranger, André Gagnon accompanied various leading Québec singers prior to gaining international acclaim for his music. He has expressed his talent in a broad array of genres, ranging from baroque to disco and including compositions for TV, cinema and the theatre. He has made over 50 recordings.

Mattiusi Iyaituk This link will open in a new window | Visual arts

A renowned sculptor whose works are featured in the world's greatest museums, Mattiusi Iyaituk has been working in stone for over 40 years while telling the stories and legends of his people. He has gained recognition for his ability to embrace innovation while remaining faithful to Inuit sculptural traditions, as well as for his blend of realism and abstraction in his highly stylized pieces.

Roland Lepage This link will open in a new window | Theatre and television

On stage, as well as on radio and TV, Roland Lepage has pursued a career as an actor and dramatist in Québec and France, in addition to authoring original works and translating/transposing classical and contemporary favourites. His work on La Ribouldingue, Marie-Quatre-Poches and Nic et Pichad a huge influence on young TV viewers. He also served as Theatre du Trident's artistic director.

André Ménard This link will open in a new window | Cultural manager

A leading producer of shows and international events, André Menard reshaped Québec's cultural landscape by co-founding with Alain Simard L'Équipe Spectra and Montréal's International Jazz Festival. Known for his love and respect for performing artists as well as for his dedicated involvement in theaters such as Métropolis (now MTELUS) and Spectrum, he has helped to launch young careers while promoting superstars with the same generosity.

Ginette Noiseux This link will open in a new window | Theatre

Costume and set designer, artistic director and general manager of Espace Go, Ginette Noiseux has forged a career steeped in non-conformism, artistic risk and experimentation. She has received numerous Masque awards, in addition to the Woman of Merit award for arts and culture (2002) and the Conseil des Arts de Montréal Grand Prix (2004) in recognition of her commitment to difference and originality.

Jeannot Painchaud This link will open in a new window | Circus arts

Jeannot Painchaud's love for the circus dates back to 1984. After starting out as a performer, he moved into artistic direction and subsequently co-founded Cirque Éloize with six other Magdelan Islanders in 1993. His approach is focused on blending multiple backgrounds, celebrating risk and incorporating other art forms within the realm of acrobatics. Over the past 25 years, he has promoted the circus arts on the international stage while staging some 15 shows noted for their poetry and humanity.

Constance V. Pathy This link will open in a new window | Patron of the arts

Born in The Hague (Netherlands), Constance V. Pathy holds degrees in law and music. Known for her discreet generosity as a volunteer and patron, she has enriched cultural life in Québec for over 40 years thanks to her dedicated service on the boards of various artistic organizations and, in particular, by supporting La Guilde (specializing in Inuit/First Nations crafts) and the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, in addition to Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, whose new home in Montréal's entertainment district was arranged thanks to her generosity.

John R. Porter This link will open in a new window | Cultural manager

Art historian, museologist, arts commissioner and professor, John R. Porter has gained distinction for his versatility and scope, as well as for his outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of Québec's artistic heritage. As head of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec from 1993 to 2008, he oversaw memorable exhibitions devoted to Clarence Gagnon, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Irene F. Whittome and Madeleine Arbour, among others.

Jeanne Renaud This link will open in a new window | Dance

Dancer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director, Jeanne Renaud is one of Québec's modern dance pioneers. Fond of setting up provocative and stimulating encounters between major creators, she maintains close ties with the Automatistes, rejecting narrative structures while devoting herself to all forms of experimentation and bringing together elements of music, visual arts, poetry and avant-garde theatre, as well as dance. She co-founded Montréal's École moderne de danse with Françoise Riopelle and also founded Le Groupe de la Place Royale.

Alain Simard This link will open in a new window | Cultural manager

Manager of major urban festivals and performing arts producer, Alain Simard has worked to promote the international standing of hundreds of Québec companies and artists. Founder of L'Équipe Spectra, Montréal's International Jazz Festival, Francos de Montréal and MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, he is Chairman of the board of the Francos, Montréal's International Jazz Festival and L'Équipe Spectra, which under his leadership co-produced works with LaLaLa Human Steps, Marie Chouinard, Robert Lepage, Cirque Éloize, Théâtre du Nouveau Monde and the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, among others.

Yves Sioui Durand This link will open in a new window | Theatre and cinema

A member of the Huron-Wendat nation, Yves Sioui Durand is a writer, playwright, actor, director and filmmaker. His quest for a specifically Amerindian theatre rooted in First Nations myths and history led him to found Ondinnok Productions, whose example has inspired the creation of other companies. Recognized for his commitment to transmitting his ancestors' cultural legacy to new generations, he calls for an Amerindian cultural reconstruction through art.

Jana Sterbak This link will open in a new window | Visual arts

Featured twice at the Venice Biennale (1990 and 2003), Jana Sterbak made her name on the international artistic scene thanks to her sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and performances. Mixing humour and intelligence, the Czech-born, Montréal-based artist uses non-traditional materials (meat, ice, sweat, hair, chocolate, etc.) to create forceful works dealing with the human body, identity, liberty, ephemerality, the absurdities of life and the contradictions of society. She recently won the Paul-Émile-Borduas award.

Armand Vaillancourt This link will open in a new window | Visual arts

Sculptor, painter and printmaker, Armand Vaillancourt has explored the esthetic possibilities of multiple techniques and materials, extending the boundaries of each through his innovations and destroying conventions to build a monumental and militant set of works. Marked by emotion, commitment and a high degree of formal liberty, his creations are tumultuous declarations of independence. Although often greeted with controversy, they have also won numerous honours, including the Paul-Émile-Borduas award.

Jean-Marc Vallée This link will open in a new window | Cinema

Filmmaker, screenwriter, editor and producer, Jean-Marc Vallée has carved out a place for himself in Québec and Hollywood thanks to a series of personal films marked by great emotional intensity and featuring wounded or marginal characters attempting to rebuild their lives. He directed C.R.A.Z.Y., regarded as one of the best Canadian films of all time, along withDallas Buyers Club, Wild and the TV series Big Little Lies. Appreciated for his work with actors while garnering critical and commercial success, he has won numerous Genie, Iris and Emmy awards, in addition to a Governor General's Award for performing arts.


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