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International exchange for the performing arts CINARS 2016

Conférence internationale des arts de la scène CINARS 2016

Every day, six performances supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec are presented around the world. This is a source of well deserved pride for us, as it attests to the real enthusiasm elicited by the excellence of the works offered by our artists and organizations, as well as the success of the collective efforts expended to provide meaningful support so that they may take their place on the world stage.

The breadth of this influence is the fruition of the relentless efforts of the creators, producers and distributors whose activities we support. This biennial serves as a fine opportunity for me to thank our precious partners, starting with CINARS, which is instrumental in showcasing this impressive display of talent. If you don’t mind, I will now address a few words in English to those who have come from far and wide to participate in this illustrious event.

With a view to encouraging equitable and sustainable artistic development throughout Québec, the CALQ supports creation, experimentation and production in the domains of the arts and literature and promotes their diffusion and influence in Québec, in Canada and abroad.

On behalf of the CALQ, I would like to welcome the artists, companies, producers and presenters from abroad who are with us tonight. Thank you all for your interest, curiosity, passion and receptiveness. I wish each and every one of you a very pleasant stay in Montréal and hope you enjoy this opportunity to discover outstanding works representative of the vitality of Québec’s performing arts.

The CALQ is proud to support CINARS and to be a financial partner for many organizations that contribute to the enviable position of Québec culture on the world stage. For practical purposes, I will switch back to French, but please note that a translation of this speech is available on our website.

To begin with, I would like to congratulate Alain Paré, the guiding light of CINARS, for the Prix du gestionnaire culturel (Cultural management prize) recently awarded to him by the Chaire de gestion des arts Carmelle et Rémi-Marcoux.

Alain is a veritable human icebreaker who has poured dedication and determination into elaborating and implementing an innovative international development strategy. He has helped make Montréal a world-class centre for creation in the performing arts and has devoted considerable energy into opening new markets for Québec artists and organizations, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s record number of participants from this region attests to his success.

Besides allowing us to see works of exceptional quality, this biennial provides us with an occasion for valuable interaction. This is a cherished opportunity to engage directly with our precious collaborators, other than simply by email or phone. I look forward to the chance to meet all the cultural advisors from Québec delegations abroad, who play a crucial role in promoting the talent and work of our artists and organizations on their respective territories. I would like to express our appreciation for their collaboration, resourcefulness and dynamism.

The CALQ’s support for international influence is intended to further our aim of sustainable artistic development. Given the size of the Québec market, the viability of our organizations relies in large part on the realization of activities beyond its borders. These exports give shows extended life spans, make them commercially viable by amortizing production costs, and yield increased revenues for artists and production personnel. Revenues from tours are also reinvested into the creation of new works.

I salute the creators and companies who have come to propose their audacious, moving and intriguing works, stirring us to ponder and dream. I hope the programmers here will make some wonderful discoveries, fall in love at first sight and help these productions reach vast audiences.

In the interest of all participants, it is also to be hoped that the works presented at CINARS by companies from abroad will win over Québec distributors, who will welcome them with open arms and promote them throughout our territory. Reciprocity acts as a formidable force for international development, along with expanding cultural choices for Québec audiences.

I am inclined to believe that in the domain of the arts there are no boundaries, with the only limits those of our imagination and the means used to express it. Sharing of expertise, pooling of resources, partnership and reciprocity agreements are all essential levers to spur creative production. I thank all those who dedicate themselves to this goal with such passion. And all who persist in believing that the future will be shaped through curiosity, openness to others, receptivity, collaboration and diversity.

In closing, I wish CINARS a stunning success and hope you will take full advantage, especially by forming mutually beneficial relationships. We have everything to gain by working closely together, and I hope you will engage in every moment of this biennial with that in mind.

Have a great evening, and a great biennial!

Courtesy translation of the speech delivered by Anne-Marie Jean, CEO of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, at the launch of the 17th CINARS Biennial, November 14, 2016.

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