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New program in support of cultural diversity

Vidéodanse de Kim-Sanh Chau, boursière 2017
Vidéodanse de Kim-Sanh Chau, boursière 2017
© Kim-Sanh Chau

To ensure that diversity is expressed across Québec, artists and writers whose lives are rooted in diversity now have a tool designed to meet their needs. Drawing inspiration from the decade of benefits associated with Vivacité Montréal, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec has decided to open up this program to creators from all regions of the province.

"Mindful of the fact that immigrant artists and writers and members of visible minority communities face additional obstacles in their practice, we would like to help them overcome these obstacles by means of the Vivacité program, which is intended to support their dynamic talents. Opening up the program to include all regions of Québec will enable these individuals to become more established in their professional fields while participating fully in the forces driving Québec culture," said Anne-Marie Jean, CEO of the Conseil.

Year-round support for all types of projects and disciplines

Artists eligible for the Vivacité program may receive grants for projects involving exploration, research, creation, production, distribution, training or travel in all disciplines (circus arts, digital arts, multi-disciplinary arts, visual arts, song, cinema, video, storytelling, dance, literature, crafts, music, architectural research and theatre). By supporting these achievements, Vivacité will serve to promote and showcase an array of artists and works, thus enhancing cultural offerings for Québec audiences.

Vivacité is geared towards professional artists or writers who are immigrants (born outside Québec and Canada) or who are members of a visible minority community, i.e. who are of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American or mixed origin (the latter term means that an individual's origins include at least one of the aforementioned groups). Applications may be submitted year-round.


About the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

With a view to encouraging equitable and sustainable artistic development throughout Québec, the Conseil supports creation, experimentation and production in the domains of the arts and literature and promotes their diffusion and influence in Québec, in Canada and abroad. The Vivacité program operates under the auspices of the Conseil's Plan d'action pour la diversité culturelle This link will open in a new window.

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Honorine Youmbissi

Director of Communications and Promotion of Arts and Literature

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Phone: (800) 608-3350 (toll-free) or (514) 864-2928 This link will open in a new window

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